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Meet Our Team

Dental Bright Advanced Family Dentistry Team

Dr. Dario E. Gonzalez Arria, MSc, CAGS
Periodontics & Implant surgery


  • DMD: Doctor in Dental Medicine Honors
  • MSc: Master of Science in Oral Bilogy
  • CAGS: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Periodontics
  • Board Certified: Diplomate of American Board of Periodontology
  • Professor: Assistant Clinical Professor B.U School of Dental Medicine


Dr. Gonzalez is a Periodontist who specializes in Periodontal Surgery including Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Dental extractions, Gum grafts, Treatment of Periodontal conditions ("gum disease"), and Laser surgery among others. He works together with many Restorative Dentists and Prosthodontists, especially his wife Dr Shila Sharifi.

"I am the guy in charge of creating a strong healthy foundation using many different surgical techniques together with Dental Implants or Natural teeth so that my cosmetic specialists can build beautiful functional restorations that will last… there is a saying in dentistry: Dentists know teeth; Periodontists know everything else!" -Dr. Dario Gonzalez


Dr. Gonzalez completed his dental training at Boston University School of Dental Medicine, as well as his Post-doctorate program in Periodontics and his Master of Science in Oral Biology. He stayed as a Faculty member for 7 years at the BU School of Dental Medicine. He was awarded the "Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Patient and Practice Management" by Dean Frankl in 2007.

Outside of his professional work, Dr. Gonzalez enjoys going to the beach, swimming, salsa dancing, spinning and traveling. He loves what he does and the difference it can make in peoples lives.

Dr. Adela Agolli Tarshi, MSc, CAGS
Endodontics & Microsurgery


  • DMD: Doctor in Dental Medicine
  • MSc: Master of Science in Biomaterials
  • CAGS: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in General Dentistry
  • CAGS: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Endodontics
  • American Academy of Facial Esthetics: Advanced used of Botulin Toxin and Collagen Fillers
  • Board Eligible


Dr. Adela Agolli Tarshi was born in Tirana, Albania. Since moving to America in the mid 90's Dr. Agolli planted her roots in New England and has become a leader in bridging the Albanian community with quality dental care.

Dr. Agolli- Tarshi graduated from Assumption College in 2001 with a dual degree in Psychology and Pre- Dental. She graduated from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BUSDM) in 2008. She furthered her studies by enrolling in the BUSDM's prestigious advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) in 2009. She also received a Master's Degree (MSc) in Biomaterials by performing research at Boston Medical Center in 2010. Dr. Agolli-Tarshi completed her Specialty in Endodontics in 2012 from Boston University.

Dr. Agolli-Tarshi has joined and practiced at New England Dental Group, BU School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Montillo Dental Associates, Dr. Chang Dental Group, Paquette Dental and other neighboring clinics throughout the Boston area. In the recent years, Dr. Agolli has been a clinical instructor in the Department of Endodontics at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine on both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral levels. Dr. Agolli is a partner at Dental Bright Advanced Family Dentistry and BUSDM. Dr. Agolli- Tarshi is part of numerous professional organizations including American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, American Student Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Association of Endodontics, Academy of Facial Esthetics and is a founding member of the prominent Albanian American Medical Society.

Fluent in English, Albanian, Spanish and Italian, Dr. Agolli-Tarshi has been a tremendous asset to the dental community for her ability to understand patient's needs and provide the best treatment possible. Dr. Agolli-Tarshi has strong roots in her community and has a following of patients that span throughout New England.

Dr. Shila Sharifi


  • DMD: Doctor in Dental Medicine
  • MSc: Master of Science in Biomaterials
  • CAGS: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Prosthodontics
  • American Academy of Facial Esthetics: Advanced used of Botulin Toxin and Collagen Fillers


Dr Sharifi is a Prosthodontist who specializes in full mouth reconstructions including implant porcelain restorations and crowns, Cosmetic Dentistry including Porcelain Veneers and esthetic reconstructions, Dentures supported with implants or mini implants, as well as facial esthetics including Botox and Collagen fillers.

"As a specialist in Prosthodontics, I am dedicated to treat very complex cases that very often involve a lot more than just teeth… it is part of my goal to achieve the greatest esthetic result for my cases, and in many occasions Botox and Fillers become a great tool to modify and increase lip support, facial grooves and lines around the mouth as well as contours and fullness of the lips… my patients love the results and are always pleasantly surprised about the cost difference compared to their Plastic Surgeons."
Dr Shila Sharifi


Dr. Sharifi Gonzalez attended University of Massachusetts Boston and graduated with a double degree in Art and Biology. She completed her dental training at Boston University School of Dental Medicine, as well as her Post-doctorate program in Prosthodontics and her Master of Science in Biomaterials. Since her teenage years, she has shown a deep passion for art and poetry, finding the field of Prosthodontics to be a perfect infusionof art and dentistry.

Outside of her professional work, Dr. Sharifi enjoys painting, sculpting, photography, and traveling. She truly enjoys creating perfect individual smiles and seeing the self-confidence and laughter restored in her patients.

Dr. Michael Kacewicz, MSc, CAGS

Dr. Kacewicz comes from a family of Orthodontists, his father and grandfather are pioneers in orthodontic treatments and procedures. A native of Rhode island Dr. Kacewicz attended Bishop Hendricken High School, Boston College, Bucknell University.

Following the path of his father and grandfather Dr. Kacewicz completed dental school at Boston University School of Dental Medicine and the Boston University Graduate Program in Orthodontics. He is an avid traveler, athlete and outdoorsman and has great passion for dentistry.

Dr. Kacewicz has brought smiles to hundreds of patients throughout New England and Dental Bright is pleased to have him as the head of the Orthodontic program.

Dr. Marci Mazzuca MSC CAGS Endodontist

Dr. Marci Mazzuca was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada, however, her family roots originate from Italy. During her time in Canada she attended the University of Western Ontario, well known for its Ivy League School of Business and strong science and research facilities. It is here where she received a Bachelor's of Science degree in the Honors Biology program.

Growing up in the multicultural city of Toronto, Dr. Mazzuca has a passion for traveling and learning more about various cultures and ethnicities. After being offered a position at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Mazzuca was eager to transition to the historic city of Boston Massachusetts to complete her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry degree and received an award for outstanding oral diagnosis. Following graduation, Dr. Mazzuca furthered her dental education at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine and completed a one year post-doctoral program receiving a certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry.

In addition to working in private practice, Dr. Mazzuca continues to further her dental education at Boston University and is in the process of completing a 3 year Master's program in the field of Endodontics, which focuses on the root canal area of dentistry. Dr. Mazzuca aspires to continue to practice dentistry as well as contribute to her field by volunteering as an instructor in dentistry as well as continuing her active memberships and participation in organized dentistry. She is currently a member of the American Dental Association, American Association.

Dr. Ozair Banday

Dr. Ozair Banday (fondly also known as Dr. Oz) was born in Boston while his parents were studying here to become specialists in the dental field. He has now returned home after receiving his degree, a Bachelors in Dental Surgery (B.D.S) from Pakistan in 2006 at age 21. Soon after that he completed a three year specialty program at Boston University School of Dental Medicine and received a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Prosthodontics in 2011. This training program is rigorous and truly hones in on a wide range of complex problems within the oral cavity and the skills needed to address issues ranging from complete oral rehabilitation to highly aesthetic work.

Dr. Oz then went on to complete a two year advanced placement program also at Boston University to receive his Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D) in 2013. During these two years he had the opportunity to teach at Harvard University School of Dental Medicine in the winter of 2011 and then became a full time prosthodontist in a hospital based practice at Dorchester House.

Today he has the pleasure of being associated with one of the finest dental practices in Lawrence, Dental Bright and this is his philosophy... 

'I have always adhered to the highest of ethical standards and quality of care when it comes to treating my patients. I make it my priority to be exceptionally patient and attentive to what my patients have to say. Listening to patients is more than half the battle sometimes. I am thorough, diligent and meticulous with my work to give my patients the smile and happiness they deserve... after all it is a reflection of my character!'

Dr. Mary Qian

Dr. Mary Qian grew up in New Jersey where her family set up roots after immigrating from Shanghai, China. She attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ double majoring in Biological Sciences and Psychology for her undergraduate degree. While at Rutgers she participated in undergraduate research in toxicology and multiple health professional clubs. It was her participation in these clubs and love of science that sparked her passion for dentistry.

After graduation, Dr. Qian moved to Boston to continue her education at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. During dental school, she was active in the American Association of Women Dentists and mentoring younger classmates on clinical procedures. She also participated in community outreach programs and completed an externship at the Salem Family Health Center in Salem, MA.

Dr. Qian loves living in the vibrant city of Boston and all that it has to offer. Outside of dentistry, she enjoys travelling to tropical locations and trying exotic foods. is with great pleasure that she has joined the team at Dental Bright Advanced Family Dentistry.She looks forward to sharing her love of dentistry with her patients.

Dr. Alisun Kovach

Dr. Alisun Kovach, a Pennsylvania native, graduated from Mercyhurst College in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She moved to Boston in 2006 to further her studies in science and obtained a masters degree in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Oral Health Science from Boston University. After spending a year Boston, she was captivated by city living and all that Boston has to offer. She completed her dental training at Boston University School of Dental Medicine, graduating Magna Cum Laude and received several awards including Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Patient and Practice Management and The International College of Dentists Leadership Award.

As a general dentist at Dental Bright, Dr Kovach works hard to restore patients' confidence in their smile and takes the necessary time to listen and understand their concerns.

In her free time, Dr Kovach enjoys spending time outdoors, kayaking, paddle boarding, cycling, and exploring coastal New England.

Michael S. Tarshi Director of Operations/President

Mr. Tarshi serves as the President of Dental Bright Advanced Family Dentistry & Orthodontics and is responsible for management and operations of the practice. Michael was a pivotal part of the development of the Dental Bright Advanced family dentistry company. Michael also is active in real estate in the Merrimack valley and continues to develop and invest throughout the area.

In 2005 Michael was selected from over a million applicants to be a contestant on Donald Trump's The Apprentice Season 3. Trump took a liking to the no-nonsense man from Boston and labeled him as "one of the best and Brightest that America has to offer." Michael is still active in television, film production and finance and sits on the board of the hit show Style Boston.

Michael is a participating supporter of numerous philanthropic organizations including; MSPCA Angell, Peace First, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Bread and Roses, Lawrence Boys and Girls Club and Habitat for Humanity. Michael is also an active member of the ICSC, Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce. Michael was named as one of the "40 Under 40" by MVB Magazine in 2010 and also featured in Benco's Incisal Edge magazine. Mr. Tarshi is also actively involved with The Pingree school and serves on the board of directors for Prep@Pingree.

Michael's education includes The Pike School, The Pingree School and Boston College. He has studied at both Harvard Business School and MIT Center for Real Estate.

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